This Changed Me is a space
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about anything that has
inspired change in their lives

Change is constant
Change is ok

We want to help people find the inspiration to improve their lives, unearth their talents and reinforce their abilities. The answers come from every day wisdom, so, you don’t have to be a philosopher or academic to take part. It only takes a few clicks to become a changemaker.

Find inspiration
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There are three of us...

Nic Mulvaney

Technical Director

Delyth Johnson


Chris Barnes

Creative Director

We met 15 years ago working for a London based interactive design agency and remained friends. Although different, we realised that our skills sets had the grounding for a successful lifestyle project rooted in tech. We knew we wanted to develop this idea as an app.

“My life has always been full of changes. After school I was unsure what path to take, I travelled around America and Australia for a few years. When I came home I completed an HTML and Flash course and joined an Interactive Design Agency in London. I became disillusioned and left to spend a year in Central and South America. That trip changed me in many ways. I returned and studied as a mature student for 4 years and faced my own negative beliefs that were holding me back.  I became a Nutritional Therapist, then through a period of reflection realised that I didn’t want to do this full time. I spent years working on myself and working through my own barriers to become settled within.

All of these experiences shaped me and make me who I am today, through my life changes I have learnt new things, made mistakes, and accepted my own challenges. I wanted to develop an app to provide a communal space for people to share their own inspiring experiences to help and support others navigate through life’s ups and downs”.
- Delyth Johnson

This Changed Me
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