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I remember just before my mum passed away asking her “Mama, what am I going to do when you go?” and she replied, with a beaming smile “You’re going to take all the love I’ve given you and sprinkle it on everybody you meet”. She gave me a lot of love; I therefore have a lot of love to sprinkle in her name. Today marks seven of the longest, yet shortest years of my life since my mum set sail to her next life. She remains the most influential human in my life, and the best place I have ever lived! Although, I have moments when I miss her, she dwells in me and all around me, and if I close my eyes and sit in silence, I can hear voice and guidance. Her parting has been my biggest, toughest, greatest and most valuable lesson, it’s almost as if she gave it all up so I could learn and grow. The things mothers do. It was in her passing that I learnt that I have been blessed not cursed, because I have been loved and encouraged to love others. I have learnt although the world can be hard, I will not let my pain make me hard, that life is simply beautiful, so stay sweet, gentle and joyful. There is no final destination, everything is temporary and that this too shall pass. Embrace whatever it is grief, pain, joy, beauty etc. Breath. Sometimes you have to love people from a distance; that doesn’t mean your love is less valuable. Life is a gift. Treasure it. Garden your soul. Don’t forget to weed out that stuff that stops you from growing and blossoming brightly. Do want makes you happy. Trust you. Be kind and tender to yourself. Smile. Transformation, is painful, but you are not falling apart, you are falling into a new place. Everything doesn’t have to be big, small things matter just as much. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, it’s the best way for your heart to feel radiant true pleasure. And lastly, LOVE, it gives you courage and somebody else strength.

Life blooms against all odd.
Because it loves unconditionally.
Jenifer Kass.