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I read this on Instagram and it took my breath away, check out #iamhertribe for more soulful poetry:

My life changed the moment I said yes.

I said yes to love. To being loved. To being love. Love in all its infinite shades.

I said yes to more laughing. And more crying. And more of both at the same time – my favourite emotion.

I said yes to showing up. For myself. For the collective. For the light that only I can bring into this world.

I said yes to not having the answers. To risking the fail. To pulling myself out from under the sheets of my own fear even when every ounce of me wants to run.

I said yes to not doing it alone, knowing the road to greatness isn’t meant to be by yourself.

I said yes to owning my healing. To leaning in. Closer. And softer. And the space that lives in between the two.

I said yes to feeling. Really feeling. To not shame, water down or push to the side, but to honour my heart & body for their capacity to experience love and loss in all its forms.

I said yes to doing work I love. And that alone powerfully matters.

I said yes to not being for everyone. Because even though I may not be for everyone, I am for someone, starting with myself – and that, well that’s the beginning of everything.