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As we edge closer towards the new year I begin to feel all kinds of emotions about my personal journey and growth within a year. This happens annually. It’s hard to describe what this year has brought me without giving away too many personal details, but overall, it’s sucked and for many reasons. Yet as we prepare for Christmas, I find myself humbled by those around me. My mum - every year she continues to believe in the magic of Christmas for her children, even though we’re grown. My dad - he makes the same jokes year in, year out and each year they’re just as poor as the year before. My brother - we may not see him a lot but he never fails to make it back for festivities. My sister - the baby of the family but each year shows how grown up she’s becoming. In the grand scheme of things, a year is nothing. It may have been tough, but I’m tougher and I will go into 2018 a little wiser and with my head held high!