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I started juicing about six years ago after having loads of health issues mostly to do with gaining weight and vertigo. I've juiced off and on and then a month ago decided to buy a nutribullet after getting fed up with taking apart my juicer everytime I made a juice, plus losing all the pulp. Having a nutribullet changed my life! It's so easy and there is no waste and you can do so much you can't do with a traditional juicer. I've completely replaced my breakfast with an amazing juices (mostly green). I feel amazing and I can't start the day without one. I've even replaced some evening meals with a juice. I have so much energy, my hair, skin and nails look amazing and I've dropped some weight.
I buy organic juicing boxes every week and it's reduced my food shopping bills by quite a lot. I've joined juicing groups on FB and have signed up for a juice fast. I'm meeting like minded people who understand the power of juicing and I'm learning everyday more about my health and how to optimize and get the best out of the food I eat.