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I was on film shoot (directed by Hugh Hudson) for a TV script which I had written in support of UNICEF. The script culminated with the endorsement of Madiba. We spent the day filming in the garden of his home in Mozambique.

The patience, magnanimity, grace and kindness which Mandela showed that day will live with me forever.

At one point, he asked an Afrikaans-born child if he spoke the language of that region (the language of Mandela's oppressors). The boy nervously fumbled a non-commital answer. Mandela said: "Ah, but you MUST. It is one of our many languages. The variety makes us strong. It is part of our history. But promise me one thing. When you grow to be a man you won't become a policeman and arrest me, will you??!"

"No! Never!!" shouted the boy. And each of us looking on tried to disguise a quiet tear.

This was a Man like no other.