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It’s a weird sounding thing to say - but consider the very thing you’ve disliked about yourself for years could in fact be something you shouldn’t lose. Imagine both sides of a coin, one can’t be without the other. Could it be that some of the things we dislike about ourselves are actually the fibre of us, a quality that may have also helped us, in other ways, in our lives? If we get rid of the bad bits could we loose some of the good? I’ve always wanted to be more confident, better at public speaking, more like my peers who can command an audience and 'talk business'. But I’m not that person, and that’s ok. I’m sensitive - but also creative, nervous - but also thoughtful, I get very anxious - but I’m sympathetic. If I’m being paid to be myself and being commended for certain qualities, perhaps I should give up the wish of being like someone else and be happy with the good qualities that I have, and the ‘bad’ that comes with them, hand in hand. If you learn to love your own flaws, you’ll learn to love other people’s too. If we were all good at everything, we’d all be bloody boring. And if you can’t be you’re flawlessly flawed self wherever you are now, then you’re in the wrong place :).