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Being a real right brainer I love being creative and I’m lucky enough to be using my skills in my current job role. However, even working in a creative industry I can sometimes became frustrated and unmotivated when too many boundaries are set. Clients and companies will always have certain rules and restrictions, and you’ll often be producing work that’s nothing like what you would have, if you’d been given a free brief. My solution to keeping myself inspired in the office (and out) is to get creative outside of work, allowing that complete creative freedom to keep myself interested, learning new skills and also mentally stimulated. I frequently sign up to classes and have little ‘crafternoons’ with friends, I find in London we’re so lucky to have so much on offer, and I’ve been able to learn so many new forms and techniques. The more you exercise that creative muscle, the easier it becomes to produce ideas. I also find doing something crafty very soul soothing, it’s nice to devote that little bit of time to myself, it’s very freeing.