This Changed Me Press Release (2015)

This Changed Me

Released: January 2015
Download: App Store iOS/iPhone
Twitter: @thischangedme

What is it?

This Changed Me is an intuitive and inspirational tool to share life changing experiences.

We’ve all had experiences which changed our lives. This Changed Me is an app to share those moments, events and stories. This Changed Me is an inspirational sharing tool which allows changemakers to design their own beautiful image of their experience and story and share it with the community on the ever evolving Wall of Change.

People searching for inspiration and motivation can connect and communicate with changemakers to understand more. This Changed Me is a library for those who are wanting to make life changes – big or small - and provides an anonymous space for people to share anything that has made a difference in their lives.

This Changed Me allows you to:

This Changed Me is available free of charge now on the App Store, you can read more about it on our website (


Founder Quote

Inspired by the work of Ken Robinson, co founder Delyth Johnson says

This Changed Me is borne from my life and my own frustration at procrastination, and not really knowing where my passions and interests were. I wanted to create something fun and accessible which could help people break through their own barriers to change so they could discover more of themselves. There is no difference between me and you, if I can do it, so can you, and vice versa. If we give it a go, whatever it is, then amazing things can happen: the discovery of new passions; talents; people; places; and how we feel about ourselves… When we have people inspiring and encouraging us, it can get that little bit easier”.

Our Story

Launched on 1 January 2015 on the App Store, This Changed Me is an inspiring and ambitious app. With three co-founders; Delyth Johnson with a desire to help people find their passions, talents and live their dreams; Nic Mulvaney a talented interaction designer and musician and Chris Barnes; graphic designer, artist and bee keeper. Having met 14 years ago working for an interactive design agency ‘Digit’ and remaining friends ever since, life serendipitously brought Delyth and Nic together as temporary flatmates where the flickering light of This Changed Me burst into the ether! Chris joined forces 3 months later after returning from years of travels.

This Changed Me is a reflection of Delyth’s life in some respects; her frustration of not knowing what to do, or what her talents were, feeling uncreative, struggling to make her dreams happen, a theme that rings true for a lot of people. And is also borne from a previous life as a Nutritional Therapist where she discovered her love and passion of working with client’s barriers to change or perception… and how by addressing these we can work through the blocks and discover talents, passions, inspiration and new lives. Delyth had an idea of creating an app where people could share the things that had changed their lives, for the better, to inspire a change in others too. The experience was to feel positive and inspirational, to be accessible for all, to be a grass roots community of people helping each other out, it was to be fun and also innovative.

Hours were spent around kitchen tables at weekends, nursing hangovers at times, talking and developing This Changed Me while working on other projects or full time work. The end result being a beta version which launched on the app store, and is really a niche social media based app which focuses on sharing those experiences/moments/life changes which have had a powerful positive effect on you.

Changes are big or small. Changing something which feels small in our life like reducing caffeine can have a momentous impact on how you feel, this can inspire someone else to make small but fundamental changes to their lives. In contrast big changes which can take years of preparation, commitment and focus, are also hugely inspirational to someone else.

And this is what This Changed Me is about - sharing to inspire, to encourage someone else to make a change, which in turn could help them feel fulfilled, positive, passionate, alive. By fulfilling ourselves, this is what contributes to make a community, a society and a world become a more positive place.

The Team

This Changed Me Team
Nic Mulvaney, Delyth Johnson and Chris Barnes
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